Salt of the Earth
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For either film, the paper should be 4-5 pages in length, text only. Use either MLA for Works Cited and parenthetical citations or APA for References and parenthetical citations. There is a brief APA Guide under Doc Sharing. In your paper, you must cite two or more specific readings from this class to illuminate what happens in the film. You may draw from any of the readings in the syllabus, but should focus on the readings in weeks 3 and 4 of our course. It is not necessary to use other sources. Specifically, you are instructed NOT to read reviews of the film nor to draw anything in your paper from any other sources found elsewhere. Do not collaborate with classmates, and do you own work.

The following questions are to get you started in focusing on a sociological analysis. Look for readings that go with these topics and relate them to the film. Write your paper as an integrated essay with an introduction and thesis, a logical development of key ideas and a conclusion; do not write the paper as a series of answers to the questions.

One of the important themes we have been studying is the relationship between the family and the economy. Discuss how the families in this film are affected by the economic structure of their community and of the larger society.
In what ways are traditional gender roles challenged by the events depicted in the film? What happens to men? What happens to women?
How does race/ethnicity affect what happens to family members during the events of the film?
Where would you place the family in the social class system and why?

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The text used is : Families as they Rreally Are and the last 5 chapters are the most important to draw citations from.

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