Salt of the Earth

Description of the Salt of the Earth Order
The paper should be 4-5 pages long, all text, for any movie. Use APA for references and parenthetical citations or MLA for works cited and works cited lists. A concise APA Guide can be found under Doc Sharing. You must use at least two particular texts from this course to explain the events in the film in your article. Any of the texts on the curriculum are acceptable for you to use. However, you should concentrate on the readings from weeks 3 and 4 of our course. Other sources are not required to be used. You are specifically instructed NOT to read reviews of the movie or to use any information from outside sources in your work. Do your job and avoid collaborating with your classmates.

You can begin concentrating on a sociological analysis by asking yourself the following questions. Look for readings on these subjects that connect them to the movie. Don’t write your paper as a series of questions and answers; instead, compose it as a cohesive essay with a thesis statement, an introduction, a logical development of main ideas, and a conclusion.

The interaction between the family and the economy is one of the key topics we have been examining. Describe how the families in this movie are impacted by the socioeconomic makeup of their neighborhood and society as a whole.
How do the events portrayed in the movie disrupt traditional gender roles? What occurs with men? What occurs to females?
How do racial and ethnic differences influence what happens to family members during the film’s events?
What social class would you assign the family to, and why?

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Families as They Really Are is the text utilized, and the last five chapters are the most crucial for citations.



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