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The song we chose for this comprehensive research essay had to be connected to a social or political topic. I selected Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ song “Same Love.” I submitted an annotated works cited publish sheet, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate just yet. I may provide these files so the writer is aware of my work and I can obtain the assistance I need. Because the lecturer uses, it must be in MLA format and cannot contain any plagiarism.

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“Gay people are a natural part of every community in the world and are born into them. All races, all ages, and all religions are represented. They work as doctors, teachers, farmers, bankers, athletes, and soldiers. They are also our friends, family, and neighbors, whether we realize it or not. It is not a Western invention to be gay. It is a fact of human life. Mrs. Clinton. Have you ever had the impression that you live in a culture where you are expected to be someone other than who you are? Many people have a label on their foreheads from birth that designates whether they should be a man or a woman. What if someone does not feel emotionally connected to their label? What if one cannot relate to what society dictates? This song was not just written by Macklemore for his gay uncle or to promote marriage equality, but also to end the use of the word “gay” as a pejorative in our culture. Mary Lambert, who is also gay. This song implores society to respect and treat LGBT people equally.
I concur with the writers’ approach to the problem and support granting LGBT people the constitutionally mandated equality they have always been entitled to, not just now. Since we as a society have recognized they are equal to any heterosexual since the United States Constitution was founded, it is time to return to them what they have battled too hard for.

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore, “Same Love.” The Robbery. Digital Download, 2012. Macklemore LLC.
Peter Gerard and Newman Bernie, “The Effects of Traditional Family Values on the Coming Out Process of Gay Male Adolescents.” Teenage years: 28.109 (1993): 213-26.November 2015. ProQuest Central, Web. 4.
This article discusses how young people’s racial identities and traditional family beliefs affect the process to come. It entails the acceptance and assimilation of a particular identity through time. Childhood is when homosexuals first start to experience “difference.” As a result of society’s encouragement of heterosexuality among the majority of youngsters, gays and lesbians commonly face disorientation. The person transitions from being conscious of a sexual desire to acknowledging that they are gay or lesbian at the acceptance stage.
This source was quite useful for my essay since it clarifies for the reader how realizing one’s sexual identity begins in youth and how race and ethnicity play a role in the acceptance of homosexuals.
The goal of this essay is to examine and characterize the coming-out process’s many stages.
Stolberg, Ian, and Donald Thacker, “Epistemological Frameworks, Homosexuality, and Religion.” Secondary source 2 citation (full text reviewed article) ProQuest Central, Social Work 51.2 (2006): 189–90. Web. November 8, 2015.
This article discusses how many religious individuals comprehend reality in relation to the homosexuality debate, both in social practice and in broader culture. The author discusses how our society must be more inclusive and effective in order to support a society that is becoming more varied while also maintaining a firm foundation in moral principles.
I believe the author is attempting to convey to us readers how believers view the conflict between homosexuality and religion. He discusses David Hodges, a well-known author who made derogatory remarks about homosexuality and said that homosexuality is a “choice.”
The goal of this source is to persuade readers that David Hodge’s piece, which was a reflection on fact-based policy, is biased and omits important facts.
Geena Rocero,Why I Must Come Out.” TEDTalks film streaming The 2010 Lecture
After moving to the country, Geena made the decision to come out as transgender. She expresses gratitude for her family’s support and how fortunate she is. Geena, who is from the Philippines and was born a guy, underwent surgery to become a woman while she was still a resident of that country. Few people actually manage to break free from their genuine selves. Due to rejection from society and families, there are 9% more suicides among the LGBT population than among heterosexuals.
This TED talk was very interesting, and since I have a transgender friend, I absolutely agree with the speaker that transgender people do not choose to be born in the incorrect body because they are aware of this on a subconscious level. Homosexuality is not tolerated at all, especially in our Hispanic culture.
Her mission is to empower others to live authentically without fear or shame. Her mission is to support LGBT people in accepting themselves and the way they are in society.
Colichman, Paul. SECONDARY SOURCE 4 CITATION (REPUTABLE WEBSITE). 2015;, n.p. 4 November 2015. Website.
This website covers homosexual news, analysis, the arts, entertainment, parenting, politics, and health. The Advocate is the best place to find comprehensive and up to date LGBT news.
Advocate. Com is a very interesting website that covers political news and LGBT community-related problems. They also publish a magazine. They have forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites where they discuss politics affecting the homosexual community.
Its goal is to inform the community and give readers access to websites and details about various sources of assistance for their various needs.


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