Saudi Electronic SAMA the Regulatory Institutions of Saudi Arabia Essay

  • With reference to the SAMA (the regulatory institutions of Saudi Arabia):
    • The Banks, which are listed in the Saudi stock exchange, how are they applying IAS (International Accounting Standard)? Explain
    • As per the Saudi stock exchange, what are the main sources of value of financial Institutions and which financial Institutions are using the fair market value accounting? Explain
    • What are the main risks of the financial institutions in Saudi Arabia?And which financial instruments are being evaluated using amortized cost accounting? Explain in your own words.
  • In your opinion, how the Saudi Arabian bank managers are managing the risks involved in the local market liquidity as well as the international capital requirements to cover the credit risks, market risks operational risk and liquidity risk? How it is going to ease and solve the current financial requirement of the markets? Explain in your own words. (Case study)
  • As we know that the Banking system in Saudi Arabia are one of the most modern and developed banking system in the Gulf Region.
    • Explain the classification of bank and the banking system as per the requirement in Saudi Arabia” kinds of banks, Number of branches, numbers of ATM, ownership structure, size of banks measured by total assets and explain whether or not merger or acquisition transactions are required to improve performance through small number of banks with large branch networks instead of large number of banks with small branch networks
    • Are they fulfilling the needs of the society? Businesses and the government? Give statistical example(Case study)
  • As we know that, Thrifts are one of the most important pillars of the banking system.Describe the structure of thrifts in Saudi Arabian banking system. What are the risk returns trade-off that thrift faced in local banking system? (Case study) Give statistical example


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