Your goal with this paper is to explain the symptoms of the disorder in terms of the biological issues that are occurring. This basically means that you will be linking the symptom to a neurotransmitter or brain area (or both). You will need to be specific. Is the symptom linked to overactivity in the brain area or underactivity? Is it linked to too much of that neurotransmitter or not enough.
EVERY symptom that you mention about the disorder MUST be explained and linked to something biological.
You are also welcome to include information about treatments for the disorder.Focus on the biological treatments (mostly medications, but there are other possibilities) and how they work in the brain as well. Connect them to brain areas and neurotransmitters too. If you list ten different medications that are used for the disorder, make sure you explain how each one biologically works and what the differences between them are.

For sources, you can use scientific articles or websites. However, your paper
should have, at minimum, five sources, two of which are scientific articles.
Please cite your articles internally and on a works cited page in APA format.

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