Scholar practitioner project assignment: 12-step programs and

For this Assignment, you analyze the role of community resources, including 12-step programs, in supporting addiction recovery.
 In a 3–5 page APA-formatted paper, address the following:

Create a list of community resources in the community in which you live.
Describe two individual resources from your list that you might recommend for Marge and two community resources that you might recommend for Marge’s family.
Explain why those resources might be suitable for supporting Marge’s recovery.
Explain which three steps of the 12-step program might be most effective in Marge’s recovery and why.
Explain the role of spirituality in 12-step programs.
Explain whether you would recommend a 12-step program for Marge and why.

Case scenario:
  41-year-old women, Marge, who is married with 3 children and  struggling with alcohol abuse. Marge was recently involved in an automobile accident caused by her consumption of alcohol and has lost her career employment as a teacher due to her  uncontrolled drinking. Marge has described losing control, experiencing depression and feelings of being overwhelmed. Marge describes she has strong family ties and firm religious beliefs with several friends supporting her. The family brought Marge in for treatment as they feared she was going to harm herself 



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