“scientific explanations

Class, the text describes several different kinds of “scientific explanations”. Why is such a discussion important and what explanation do you find most useful in understanding the world and its events? Please give some examples. How are these explanations related to “critical thinking”? Keep these explanations in mind as we go through the course and you evaluate what facts and theories seem the most useful.
2. What are the three things that make an explanation “reasonable” to accept as the “truth”?
3. Our brains have been described as one of the most complex entities in existence? 100 billion neurons with almost a trillion connections between them. What does your review of our brain structure mean to you? What explanation best describes this complexity?
4. ERRs are usually media based materials that make the readings more meaningful through examples. Also remember that all these ERR are peer reviewed, so if your assignment requires peer reviewed sources, here they are! Do you remember the requirements for a peer reviewed source? Why is this kind of source important in critical thinking and demonstrating to others that your solutions to problems are well “considered”?

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