Science method course

You must read at least three empirical studies to develop an empirical study for this research report in order to understand how other scholars approached the subject.

Here are some tips for getting ready to draft your research proposal. The syllabus includes an outline for the paper:
1) a description of the issue and a pertinent theoretical framework;
2) a survey of the literature (at least 3 peer-reviewed empirical articles, but ideally at least 5 academic sources);
Sections 3 and 4 analyze and interpret probable results and the data and methodology sections.
Make sure you have a solid understanding of the research that has already been done in the field of interest and the conclusions reached by other researchers before selecting a topic to investigate (you don’t want to reinvent the wheel!). You should, therefore, first evaluate the body of existing literature.
Search online databases at universities Academic Search and Abstracts in Criminal Justice Completely read the most recent issues of reputable publications, including Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, Criminology, Criminology & Public Policy, and others. Google Scholar is a beautiful place to start. Look through the abstracts of papers to get a sense of the types of research that were done on the issue that interests you (it can be any area within criminal justice), enter your search terms, and limit the publication date to the last 10-15 years.
See if you can spot any gaps in the research’s methodologies, conclusions, or level of knowledge after reading the studies you find most intriguing. In this manner, you can create a fresh, unexplored study question. Alternately, you might be able to come up with a way to build upon or expand upon the existing studies in order to address the same research question, but in a new research design, using slightly different techniques or strategies, on a new population, or using a different type of sampling that could result in the discovery of new information.
Here are the key components of your research paper that I expect to see.
After you’ve honed in on your study topic and identified the theory supporting it, present your theoretical model (create a diagram if necessary). Your null and alternate hypotheses should be written down as necessary.
Next, decide how you’ll be measuring the essential ideas that your study hypothesis identified. Pick your methodologies (survey, experiment, secondary data analysis, etc.), data sources, analytical units, and sampling plan, and talk about them.
Next, talk about the kinds of results you anticipate and what they might entail for your theories and hypotheses.
If you can address the constraints of your study, plausible competing explanations for the results you anticipate, dangers to the reliability of your inferences, etc., you will receive bonus points. You should be able to evaluate your project with skepticism, in other words.


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