Scientific Report


This assignment involves writing a report about scientific understanding of a disease.
The two disease I have chosen include; Depression related to Type II Diabetes
    You must introduce scientific reasoning as to how there is a possible link between these 2 diseases.

Topic:     Diabetes and Depression: a two-way relationship?

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Types of References:
Acceptable article types: Research articles, case reports, clinical trials
Unacceptable article types: Editorials, reviews (such as literature reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses), personal opinions, conference abstracts
Articles must be published within the past 15 years (2001 2017)

    No more than 10 references Harvard citation style is required

Structure of Report:
ϖ    Keywords (4-5 keywords)
ϖ    Introduction
ϖ    Body (visual element included)
ϖ    Conclusion
ϖ    References

Also attached are 5 articles I have found to assist you further in including information for my report.

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