Searching and Seizing

Review the articles in the links below to answer the questions for this assignment.

Can the Police Set Up Roadblocks for Any Reason?


New U.S. Supreme Court Decision Approves “Informational” Checkpoint

1. Based on information provided can police use roadblocks for any reason, any time?

2. In Illinois v. Lidster, what was the purpose of the police roadblock?

3. Can police use roadblocks for sobriety checkpoints?

4. Can police use a roadblock to check for narcotics by allowing a narcotics dog to sniff around the outside of a car?

5. Based on decisions by the Supreme Court on roadblocks, could police use a roadblock or a checkpoint near a prison to search for escaped convicts?

6. Do you believe police should have more or less flexibility in setting up and conducting vehicle checkpoints?

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