Digital computers

Whether Searle is correct or incorrect in saying that digital computers are incapable of true understanding is debatable. Requirements 2. Structure?The following four sections, each with a word count requirement, must be included in the paper: ?
• An overview. a maximum of 50 words.
• Exposure. 550 or so words. Write a summary of philosopher S’s case for the proposition P (the desired argument). When applicable, utilize textual evidence (but see below for usage of quotation). The focus should always be on the target argument itself. You may incorporate resources pertinent to the target argument (for instance, the effect of accepting or rejecting it), as long as these materials help your reader better comprehend the target argument and are limited to that role. ?
• An argument and a response. 1100 words or so. During this section, you must first make ONE of your own arguments, which should either (1) refute or support the target argument, or (2) support the target argument. Then, prepare ONE or TWO objections to the argument you just made and address each one with an additional argument.You should never just restate the intended argument. That is not “reinforcing” the goal argument in any way. The following are all effective strategies to support the main point: presenting a fresh defense of a contentious premise in the target argument; highlighting a flaw in the target argument (for example, that it is flawed in a subtle way); and addressing a challenge to the target argument that the original author (philosopher S) either ignores or fails to adequately address.A response to an objection ought to be created as a stand-alone argument with concisely stated, robustly supported premises. As a general rule, if a response is less than 200 words, it has either not been developed as it should or you have chosen an objection that is too simple to respond to.
• In summary. a maximum of 100 words.
2. Other prerequisites
• You should clearly indicate the beginning of each of the four parts and offer a word count.
• No more than 1900 words may be used in the entire essay. 1800 is a good estimate. Anything less than 1600 is probably not acceptable.The word limit for each section will be rigorously adhered to, and if a segment exceeds the limit, I will disregard it and grade the paper as if it didn’t exist. I will read the first 50 words of an introduction if it is more than 50 words long before moving on to the next section. ?
• Footnotes are acceptable but are not counted toward the word limit. But if you do utilize them at all, only do so to provide citations and quotations. Any footnotes should not be necessary to understand the main content.There is no quotation?Direct quoting is not permitted in the body of the work, with the exception of one circumstance (described in the next paragraph). Anytime you are expressing another person’s viewpoint, you must paraphrase. You can include quotations in the footnotes when necessary (for instance, if you believe your paraphrase may be inaccurate and wish to support it with the original text), but the main text shouldn’t contain any.Only when you want to discuss a key term or phrase used by a philosopher is direct quoting acceptable (and frequently required). For instance, you might type?What Cohen means by “caused in the appropriate way” is not entirely clear. [You then explore a number of scenarios, each of which has an impact on Cohent’s argument.] ?However, you shouldn’t quote more than a few words in situations like this.due date, format, and publication?On December 10 (Thursday), at 11:59 p.m., the paper is due.It should be sent as a.doc,.docx, or.rtf attachment to [email protected]. No sharing or.pdf format?a Google Doc. It’s advisable to stay away from.pages, too.You can email me publications for feedback. I typically reply the same day, if not the following day.Do it early so that I have time to respond thoughtfully and so that you have time to revise.
two. Late policy
One subgrade is deducted daily for late papers. If a paper is one day late, it becomes a B+; two days late, a B; and so on until it fails.
“No access to the Internet” is not a valid justification. When you have access, do it early.
Even though it may be rare, I consider it acceptable if a paper is late due to an email system malfunction. But in order to avoid being fined, you must send me the email system’s delivery failure notice.
Extensions are not typically given, but in cases of necessity, they might be.

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