Sec 1.21. 1.6 Determine which of the following statements is descriptive in natu

Sec 1.21. 1.6 Determine which of the following statements is descriptive in nature and which is inferential. Refer to “Even in kindergarten, social skills trump”a) Of all US kindergarten teachers, 32% say that “knowing the alphabet” is an essential skill.b) Of the 800 US kindergarten teachers polled, 32% say that “Knowing the alphabet” is an essential skill.2. 1.9International Communications Research (ICR) conducted the 2004 National Sping Cleaning Survey for the Soap and Detergent Association. ICR questioned 1000 American male and female heads of household regarding their house cleaning attitudes. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 5%.a) What is the population?b)How many people were polled?c)What information was obtained from each person?3. 1.15Of the adult US population 36% has an allergy. A sample of 1200 randomly selected adults resulted in 33.2% reporting an allergy.a)Describe the populationb)What is the sample?c) Describe the variabled) Identify the statistic and give its valuee)Identify the parameter and give its value4. 1.31Identify each of the following as an example of (1) attribute (qualitative) or (2) numerical (quantitative) variables:a)The breaking strength of a given type os stringb)The hair color of children auditioning for the musical Anniec)The number of stop signs in towns of less than 500 people.d)wether or not a faucet is defective.e)The number of questions answered correctly on a standardized test.f) The length of time required to answer a telephone call at a certain real estate office.5. 1.32Identify each of the following as examples of (1) nominal, (2) ordinal, (3) discrete or (4) continous variable:a)A poll of registered voters as to which candidate they support b) The length of time required for a wound to heal when a new medicine is being use.c)The number of television within a householdd)The distance first year college women can kick a footballe) The number of pages per job coming off a computer printer1. 1.35Suppose we measure the weights (in pounds) of the individuals in each of the following groups: Group 1: cheerleaders for National Football League teamsGroup 2: players for National Football League teamsFor which group would you expect the data to have more variability? Explain why1.41. 1.42USA today conducted a survey asking readers, “What is the most hilarious thing that has ever happened to you en route to or during a business trip?a) What kind of sampling method is this?b) Are the results likely to be biased? Explain2. 1.45We all know that exercise is good for us. But can exercise prevent or delay the symptons of Parkinson’s disease? A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health Studied 48,000 men and 77,000 women who were relatively healthy and middle-aged or older. During the course of the study, the disease developed in 387 people. The study found that men who had participation in some vigorous activity at least twice a week in high school, college and up to age 40 had a 60% reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease developing. The study found no such reduction for women. What type of sampling does this represent?3. 1.49An article titled “Surface Sampling in Gravel Streams” discusses grid sampling and areal sampling. Grid sampling involves the removal by hand of stones found at specific points. These points are established on the gravel surface by using either wire mesh or predetermined distances on a survey tape. The material collected by grid sampling is usually analyzed as a frecuency distribution. An areal sample is collected by removing all the particles found in a predetermined area of a channel bed. The material recovered is most often analyzed as a frecuency distribution by weight. Would you categorize these sample designs as judgment samples or probability samples?4. 1.51Why is the random sample so important in statistics?

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