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Case Study
Jessica Hanley is the CSO of a company that provides protective storage for expensive medical equipment. The storage place is a single warehouse on the outskirts of a major city. The CEO announces the acquisition of two additional warehouses located near a crime-ridden area. Jessica visits with the CEO and explains that the acquisition requires hiring one more physical security specialist whose job will be to initially and periodically evaluate the effectiveness of physical security equipment, such as fence, exterior lighting, and CCTV, to ensure the warehouses are secure against crime, fire, and other threats. The CSO replies. “I agree but I want you to come back to me with something in writing that will state why we need the position; describe the nature of the work; the expertise required; and set a salary range.
To the student: Prepare the document or documents described by the CEO. (Justify the need for the position, outline the duties of the position, state the skill, knowledge and experience required of the person selected to fill the new job).



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