Select a publicly traded company to research and evaluate its Human Resource (HR) and business strategy, HR department job positions, and ways it markets its company regarding human capital.

Human Resource (HR) and business

Choose a publicly traded company to investigate, analyze, and assess the HR department’s job descriptions, business strategy, and human resources marketing efforts. The following is a list of several business websites that offer this information:

Marriott: /JobDescriptions.html at /

The following link is for Allstate:…

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State Farm: hr_serv_assist.asp ( Ford Motor Company

Write a 2-3 page essay that includes the following information:

Describe how you would make sure the company strategy and the HR strategy are in sync.

Describe the HR positions available and their associated duties for that HR department.

Choose the HR positions you are most interested in and explain why.

Analyze the implementation of HRM strategies by the chosen organization to enhance competitive advantages.

Give the company three (3) suggestions for how to enhance diversity.

For this task, consult at least four (4) reliable academic sources. Note that Wikipedia and other websites are not acceptable sources for academic research.

These formatting criteria must be adhered to in your assignment:

be typed with one-inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman font in size 12, double spacing, and APA style citations and references. If there are any more instructions, ask your lecturer.

Include a cover page with the assignment’s title, your name, the name of your professor, the name of the course, and the date. The required assignment page length does not include the cover page or the reference page.

The specific learning objectives for the course linked to this assignment are:


Consider the function of human resource management (HRM) in organizations and how it aids in achieving the business strategy of the organization.

Analyze the alignment of human resource strategies with business strategies.

Develop a marketable competitive advantage.

Create HRM strategies and procedures to find, hire, place, and keep the most productive and efficient employees.

To conduct research on issues related to strategic human resource development, use technology and information resources.

Use good writing techniques when discussing strategic human resource development.



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