Select Optimal surrogate server in CDNs to push MPEG-DASH.

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MPEG-DASH adaptive bitrate streaming has established itself as the industry standard for distributing online video content to a variety of devices. The quality of the video stream is changed between various bitrates and/or resolutions using a mix of server and client software that identifies a client’s bandwidth capacity. To reduce bandwidth usage and storage costs, it’s crucial to distribute MPEG-DASH across CDN servers like Akamai, Lamelight, Level-3, and others on the Internet. According to factors like the number of end users requesting access to a certain object, the capacity of the surrogate server, where it is located geographically, the bandwidth that the server is making accessible, the delay, and other factors, algorithms and procedures are used to push video contents pro-actively to the best surrogate server. Furthermore, the separation between content providers who upload videos to proxy servers

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In this article, we wish to enhance and improve an algorithm for placing MPEG-DASH on the best possible surrogate server out of all possible surrogate servers.

implementation based on MP4Box for DASH video generation and DASHJs for DASH video playback.

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