Select the best answers/ Discussion Topic

You now work for FedEx, where you’re the director of training for the Southwest Region. Jordan, a friend of one of your subordinates, has applied for the open position of orientation trainer. He has excellent credentials and he says he is leaving his current employer because FedEx pays higher salaries and offers better benefits for the same amount of work. The FedEx office is also much more convenient for him, because it shortens his daily commute. Which contemporary view of motivation does Jordan’s situation describe?

1. Goal setting theory

2. Expectancy theory

3.Equity theory

4. Reinforcement theory

You’ve hired Jordan to be one of your FedEx trainers. Three months later, you conduct his first performance review. You mention that if he maintains his superior performance for the next year, he will qualify for a higher-level job that entails considerable travel. When you hired him, he told you he prefers a short commute and values stable, predictable working hours because he coaches a Little League team. Applying expectancy theory, is Jordan likely to be motivated by the prospect of this promotion?

1. yes

2. no

FedEx is known for empowering its employees to be innovative and to satisfy customers. Which of the following are advantages of using employee empowerment to increase motivation?

Your department has one month to design and install a one-time display fixture for a new Apple product unlike any the company has sold in the past. You need hands-on participation from Apple’s product engineers, retail executives, and sales managers to ensure that this new display fits the stores, accommodates the new product, and highlights special features of interest to customers. Which type of team should you form for this short-term assignment?

1. Virtual team, because members are not geographically in one place.

2.Problem-solving team, because this is a temporary assignment and the team will disband after designing the fixture

Part 2

Blanchard talks about the need for systems for customer service success. Give me two examples of systems that are mentioned in Raving Fans. Briefly explain.

Blanchard Says, “People have needs beyond the need for a product or a service”. What are one two of those needs? Briefly explain that need.

What did you think about this book? What did you learn from it?


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