Self-Assessment & Reflection Paper on leadership awareness

Please make this paper as real as possible coming from a teacher’s view. Try not to cite so many sources because this is a Self Reflection Paper.

1. Self-Assessment & Reflection Paper: You will describe your awareness of leadership in literacy by analyzing your previous learning experiences and explaining how these experiences have expanded your previous knowledge. As a part of the self-assessment and reflection, you will:

a) reflect on your personal progress; toward leadership in literacy and synthesize your depth of knowledge and creativity of thought to address literacy issues and concerns;

b) describe your goals and objectives for increasing knowledge and skills during the graduate study;

c) describe the kinds of learning experiences that have prepared you to be competent in literacy.


(10 pages, APA format)


Expert answer

I am very aware of the importance of leadership. I have been involved in a lot of leadership roles from my previous learning experiences, from working in a team setting to leading groups of people. I believe that leadership is key to a successful organization and that everyone can contribute to a successful team. I always try to lead by example and set the example for how I want to be treated. I am always willing to listen and learn from others, and I am always willing to take on new challenges. I believe that leadership is a skill that can be developed over time, and I am always willing to learn new techniques and techniques to improve my leadership skills.



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