Self esteem used in class
Here is the link to the blog: So, because it is a blog it is rather informal where you have to comment on what Sarah will say (cause she has not posted yet on the blog, but she send it to me.) Here is Sarahs post: The Physical Environment of the Elementary Classroom
Celeste, I like how you emphasized the aspect of maintaining a balance regarding self-esteem. It is certainly significant for the educator to consider this balance within the elementary classroom. We have learned the importance of building a positive self-esteem within the students; however, the educator needs to be aware of narcissism. Joanie, the role of the educator is another aspect we should emphasize when discussing about fostering self-esteem in the elementary classroom. I like the four main elements you listed, in which the educator can incorporate within his or her daily teaching. Both websites you shared also show other simple things that both parents and teachers can do to foster self-esteem in children.
At this point in our research, I started asking myself how the physical environment of the elementary classroom itself can help students build a positive self-esteem. So far, we have explored various activities that the educator can incorporate in the classroom, how the educator should maintain a balance of self-esteem within students, and discover different ways in which the educator can integrate positivity within teaching and learning. However, what about the physical environment of the elementary classroom itself? We have come to understand that the way in which an area is designed can influence how an individual feels about oneself at that moment. Therefore, how should the elementary classroom be organized to help students build a positive self-esteem within the learning environment?
The heart of the physical environment of the classroom is the way in which the desks and/or tables are arranged, simply known as the seating arrangement.
1. Classroom physical environment affects morale and student learning.
2. Including students in creating the physical environment can enhance that environment, increase the feeling of classroom community, and give students a sense of empowerment.
A semicircle encourages interaction and enables all students to see each other. This is important if you place a high value on relationships between students, building community and creating an open environment.
Classrooms with minimal windows and minimal outside light increase student depression.
feel warm and homelike

The following is a good article called “A Place for Learning: The Physical Environment of Classrooms,” which is written by Mark Phillips, a teacher and educational journalist:

She did not put it in yet, but she will also talk about how to the seating arrangements in the classroom to create a classroom community, positivty and the feeling of belonging.(just so you dont say the same thing.

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so basically build on from what she wrote by considering her information and adding new information. It is similar to a conversation you would have orally with your fiends where you ask youselves questions etc. You should also be adding a quote or image by linking it to what you say. Look at the blog and you will understand how to write it. Please do not post on the blog I will post it myself. Please note that we have already covered many aspects of self-esteem so please look on the blog. Also your post should be about self-esteem in the classroom

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