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In the Senior Seminar, an independent study, students majoring in Applied Behavioural Sciences present their individual progress. More specifically, it is an opportunity for you to review the numerous concepts and theories covered in the course before giving examples of how you have applied them to your personal experiences. This task frequently manifests as a paper that is 10–15 pages length and 10–12 pages wide.

Some of the subjects that were discussed in the programme included the following:

Stating your position and the dynamics of groupings in simple terms

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managerial skills for problem-solving

Leadership and negotiation skills

ongoing education and moral consideration

temperamental categories and critical thinking

listening to both spoken and unspoken language



(The allocated writer may add some themes if they are familiar with the Applied Behavioural Sciences Curriculum.)

For your senior seminar project, you should:

Pick (at least 8) the theories, beliefs, or notions that mattered the most to you or that had the greatest impact on your life.

Think of particular examples from your own or your professional life as concrete examples of those concepts.

Each topic needs to be thoroughly taught before an example of how understanding it changed behaviour is given.

Complete the essay, then include the one-page summary.



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