Senor payroll by William E Barrette

Senor payroll by William E Barrette

Senor payroll is a story of a certain company which has employed a group of expert stokers who are Mexicans. The stokers continually ask for salary advances and when an order to only give advances to genuine emergency cases is released, the stokers fake so many emergencies claiming sick wives, children and aunts. This forces the company to give another order that limits the salary advances to those who wish to resign from the company. A series of resignations and reassignments follows as the stokers quit and apply for new jobs in the same company. Another order is released that says that no stoker will be reassigned after quitting until 30 days are over. The stokers continue to quit coming back to be rehired using fictitious names. The company is left with no choice and stops to gives any other orders.
Response and review
The story is narrated by one of the company’s clerks who, together with his colleague Larry are forced to have workloads of paperwork due to numerous requests for salary advances by the shrewd Mexican stokers who can barely wait for pay day. They work very hard and offer excellent services but have continually disturbed their employers with the requests. In an effort to curb this nuisance behavior, the company gives numerous orders that all fail to rectify the situation.
The story of the senor payroll is a humorous story that gives a scenario that occurs most organization, where there are employees and employers. The managers in this company failed to understand the employee’s expectations and their attitudes and in return the workers decided to continually reject their rules until they eventually outwitted the senior management and maintained the habit of requesting for the salary advances. This scenario shows the struggles that people experience in the management of their scarce finances which hardly meet their basic needs. They have to request for their advances because the salary is never enough to meet all their requirements.
it also shows the social class gap between the rich company owners and the junior staff where the owners never understand the lack experienced by the low class workers as seen in the situation where the junior staff such as the clerks are the one sent to explain the rules to the subordinates. It presents a situation which shows how hard it can be to resolve existing conflicts between workers and their employer. It also explains how hard it can be to change people’s habits and cultural issues as it was hard to eliminate the nuisance behaviors the Mexican stokers even after threatening them that they would loose their jobs. It teaches business owners and the senior managers on the proper way to handle their employees which is to understand and to meet their needs in the best way possible.

Nothing in Our Hands but Age, by Raquel Puig Zaldivar
The story of ‘Nothing in Our hands but Age involves an old couple, Mrs. Perez de Roca and Mr. Roca who are both American immigrants from Cuba. The two face life in a positive way in spite of being elderly and having encountered many challenges, such as political suspension back in their homeland Cuba. The couple boldly enrolls for a degree programme in a class of a much younger generation in an effort to start all over again. It is in this class where they met and made friendship with their professor. The couple confides with the professor and tells her the account of the problems they have encountered in their lives. They told her of their daughter who had been in jail for fifteen years and they narrated to her the reasons behind their stay in exile. After a while Mr. Roca dies and when the professor went to console the widow, she also learns that she had lost her daughter who she was anticipating to meet soon.
Response and review
The story of this elderly couple shows the struggles of immigrants in a foreign land. It explains the struggles and sacrifices that immigrants faces before deciding to come to America and while they get in. It gives a clear picture of how a country’s political issues and instabilities can cause trials which can cause family disintegration. This political suppression led the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roca to lose her life in jail while the parents were forced to abandon their stable homes to start a life in America. It portrays the challenges that most parents endure in an attempt to give their children a good life like in the case where Mr. Antonio Roca says that they are working hard to save enough money to support their daughter who was to come to join them in a month time. It highlights some common problems they encounter like the issue of language barrier and intercultural shock.
The story teaches us to be patient and resilient in all circumstances and to never give up even when life proves to be difficult. The story of the two students inspires hope and endurance and encourages people to continue learning even in their old age as they have shown that it is never too late to start all over again. They also inspire confidence among many since they were confidence even when the younger students tried to humiliate them when they tried to present their views. As the story comes to a conclusion, the old lady is described to be collective and she did not shed her tears even after the death of both the husband and their imprisoned daughter. It is a story of courage which encourages everyone to take life easily and to never lose hope in life.
The Health of the Sick, by Julio Cortazar
This is a story of a family who lives with a trail of secrecy concerning the healthy issues and death in the family. The family rallies together and tries to conceal the death of their brother Alejandro to their mother to protect her from dying of shock and high blood pressure since he was her favorite son. Alehandro was killed in an accident and for a whole year, the siblings had been forced to tell lies to their sick mother who constantly asked about his son. They contrived a fake trip for Alejandro to travel for an imaginary job that held him for all this years. They had to receive fake letters from a family friend in Brazil who assumed the role of Alehandro and had to write back to give him the messages from their mom. In the mean time, their mother suspects the truth but also decide to play along with their conciliation in order to protect their goods intentions and love for her. At the end, Rosa receives a letter from Alehandro to their mum who has already died and she tearfully starts to think of how they can break the shocking news to inform the fake Alehandro about her death.

Response and review
The story is about the contentious issue that most families encounter and how they deal with them in their day to day living. Issues such as Sicknesses and death of loved ones places serious implication to the loved one and families deals with such situations in different ways. This family adopts a secretive way of dealing with the death of their brother. They are forced to struggle as they all try to conceal this truth from their mother who also gets trapped in this illusion after deciding to play along with her children even after knowing the truth.
This secret seems to add more grief to already suffering members of the family and the secret prolongs the mourning period a year after the death of Alejandro as they all felt sad whenever their mother received and sent letters to her already dead son. The story therefore tries to encourage family members to deal with issues as they are and to face situations without fear as this is the only way to overcome any given challenges.



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