Media Sensationalism

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Investigate and examine the media issue using a research methodology. Consider how, rather than delivering facts, sensational media aims to evoke an emotional response from viewers. The stories that are told in sensational media are frequently subjective and exaggerated, which causes disagreement. The goal is to grab the audience’s attention and win them over to the cause.

These are the main points I want to emphasize in the paper using the research approach I selected, the Limited Affects Model.

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1. Trends: Since current trends frequently have a significant impact on society, the media pays special attention to them.
2. Endorsements: Having a well-known public figure promote a good or service can greatly influence how well it is received by customers.
3. Public relations: A public relations team speaks well of the business at all times because they serve as both the public face and the company’s spokesperson during both good and bad times.

Write a comprehensive overview of what you have learned about the in-question media effects using the research’s findings as a guide.

What more do you know about this specific media problem?
What information concerning the media issue do you not know?
What other targeted research projects can you suggest to learn what is unknown about the problem?
Based on your investigation, what conclusions would you be able to draw right now regarding this particular media issue?



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