Sex Tips For Virgins – 5 Secret Techniques

If you are a virgin, it is entirely common for you to approach your first sexual experience with a measure of apprehension. You will have numerous questions running through your head: will I be any good? will she orgasm? will I bleed? will I maintain an erection. It can be a combination of your anxiety and lack of self-confidence that ensure your first sexual encounter will be a disaster. This article will share with you some very powerful sex tips for virgins. If you commit them to memory, I promise your first sexual outing will be more than successful, it will be an explosively enjoyable and perhaps life-changing experience.

1. Will I Bleed / Will She Bleed?

It is common for the female virgin to experience pain and small quantities of bleeding when having sex for the first time. If you are in a hotel room or you do not wish to stain the bed sheets, just place a towel on the bed before getting started. To minimize pain and blood-flow, ensure that you both enjoy plenty of foreplay and use copious amounts of lubricant. Try to forget your anxieties of pain and bleeding. Remember that such side-effects of virgin-sex are natural and entirely common. Spend as much time as possible in foreplay and ensure that both partners have lined themselves with plenty of lubricant.

2. Communicate Desires And Fears

Communication is important in any relationship. Communication before and during sex for the first time is no less important. Share your hopes, share your fears. You will be surprised to learn that you will each have many hopes and fears in common. It is the act of sharing your desires and anxieties that will, ironically, act to reduce them or, perhaps, eliminate them altogether. Knowing, for instance, that you both worry about “being any good” will act to eliminate this anxiety because now you each feel less pressure related to performance because you each know the other is equally worried about his or her performance. The same rationale can be used for each anxiety. When you share your fears and such fears are mirrored by your partner they will, almost magically, disappear.

3. Will I Maintain An Erection?

Let me ask you a question. Do you suffer erectile problems during masturbation? No? Then you will not suffer erectile problems during sex. It is, yet again, anxiety of an act that has yet to happen that may actually cause it to happen. You worry about not maintaining an erection; therefore, you do not maintain an erection. Do you agree? It is true. As a virgin, making love for the first time, you must put this anxiety out of your mind and concentrate on the act of lovemaking. Fear of erectile problems will cause erectile problems. Since you have no problem maintaining an erection normally, there is no biological reason why you should suffer the problem during sexual intercourse. To ensure that you can maintain an erection you must spend much time on initial sex-foreplay;work yourself up to a highly aroused state. Foreplay is also important because, the longer you spend at it, the more your confidence will build and the less chance you will have of losing your erection.

4. Will I Perform Well?

As sex tips for virgins go, this tip seems to be most popular. Why? I think it is because virgins tend to be more anxious about overall sexual performance more than they are about anything else. What is a good performance? A good performance occurs when both parties enjoy the experience. The secret to giving a good sexual performance is concentrating on your partner and ensuring they receive as much pleasure as you are able to give. Let them be the center of your universe. Notice what they seem to like and respond to it appropriately. It is common for virgins to feel uncomfortable during sex and also to make mistakes. If you do make a mistake, just laugh about it. It is common to make mistakes after all. If you laugh about a mistake it makes it seem like nothing at all.

5. Will I Orgasm?

Women tend to orgasm less frequently than men when having sex for the first time. It cannot be said whether you will orgasm or not. However, one thing is certain, you will have more chance of having an orgasm is you do two things. Firstly, you must not worry about having an orgasm. It is not essential to your enjoyment of sex. Secondly, concentrate on the pleasure of lovemaking, so much so that you forget about anxieties and, perhaps, even the world about you. Like most anxieties, the more you worry about orgasm, the less chance you will have of actually having one.

If you follow the five sex tips for virgins, I guarantee your chances of making love successfully for the first time will be greatly improved. Overall, if you take one thing away with you from this article, just remember to relax and concentrate on the beautiful act of lovemaking with your partner.

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