sexuality and health

sexuality and health

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Answer THREE questions out of five (2 to 3 pages per question; Use Times New Roman 12font; Double Spacing)

1. Based on Lottes, I.L. (2013) article titled: Sexual rights meaning controversies, and sexual health promotion, Are human rights sexual rights? Discuss.

2. Based on Homma et al (2013) article titled: Sexual health and risk behaviour among East Asian adolescents in British Columbia, and Baidoobonso, S., Bauer, G.R., Speechley, K., & Lawson, E. (2013) article titled: HIV risk perception and distribution of HIV risk among African, Caribbean and other Black people in a Canadian city: Mixed method results from the BLACCH study, Does race matter in the sexual risk behaviours of Canadians?

3. What is World Health Organization definition of sexuality and sexual health? Based on Wentland, J.J., & Reissing, E. (2014) article titled: Casual sexual relationships: Identifying definitions for a night stands, booty calls, fuck buddies, and friends with benefits, examine the influence of casual sexual relationships on the sexual health.

4. What is masculinity? Based on Fields, E.L., Bogart, L.M., Smith, K.C., Malebranche, D.J., Ellen, J., & Schuster, M.A. (2015) article titled: ?I always felt I had to prove my manhood?: Homosexuality, masculinity, gender role Strain, and HIV risk among young Black men who have sex with men, and MacCarthy, S., Mena, L., Chan, P.A, Rose, J., Simmons, D., Riggins, R., Hoffman, M., Perez-Brumer, A., Chamberlain, N., & Nunn, A. (2015) article titled: Sexual Network profiles and risk factors for STIs among African-American sexual minorities in Mississippi: cross-sectional analysis, discuss the role of masculinity on the sexual risk behaviours that makes Black MSM vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

5. Based on any three required readings on the course outline on ?Oral Sex Behaviour and Sexual Pleasure?, address the following questions:
a) Briefly examine the motives for engaging in oral sex?
b) Does gender matter in youth engagement and experiences of oral sex?
Answer any THREE of the five question. This is not a SUMMARY of the article but a little observation, argument or opinion relating to the questions. If you need the articles i can send them. You can find the articles by coping and pasting the title of the articles into “google scholar”. 1 source per question

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