Shen, Fu. Six Records of a Life Adrift

Shen, Fu.  Six Records of a Life Adrift.  Hackett Publishing Co., 2011.

2: Henrietta Harrison.  The Man Awakened From Dreams.  Stanford University Press, 2005.

The paper assignment will be a critical review of Shen Fus Six Records of a Life Adrift and Harrisons The Man Awakened from Dreams (1,000-1,200 words, roughly 4-5 pages). Your essay should consider the following questions: What did Shen Fu and Liu Dapeng share in common in their understandings of a good or successful life?  What role do family relations play in their views of life?

In fact my teacher wants us to write small idea for it and dont make the sentences too huge. The big topic (The problem of Chinese society…) is not a good idea for the paper. She only wants us to write small common and specific things. Such as Shen Fu and Liu Dapeng both want to pass the government exam and maybe use this idea to answer the question?  And you can give her one or two sentences from the book to prove your idea.  She wants to get something more detail.  And also she said we cant write something from outside, we can just focus on the book.
For the opening part, we can only write 1/3 page for it. And this paragraph will be your option, just explain your idea clearly in this paragraph (Here will answer the question she asked). And I think this paragraph will be the most important paragraph.
The second paragraph will prove your idea from the book Six Records of a Life Adrift. Like I said you can give her the sentences(maybe 2) and your point to prove it.
The third paragraph will prove your idea from the book The Man Awakened from Dreams.

Grading Standard for Essays
Your papers will be graded on their quality of analysis as well as their content and form.  The papers should contain original and well-argued points, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of all relevant readings. They should be well-organized, clearly written, and grammatical.  Please refer to the detailed standard below.

4.0-3.9&nbsp&nbsp    Exceptional ideas and presentation.  Original argument.

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