Short Answer 150 words for each question

1.    Review the section regarding self-actualization.  In reviewing this portion of the text – how might these concepts apply to someone beginning in his or her career?  Explain.

2.    What is the Jonah Complex and what does it tell us about people?  How would it apply to a brand new worker in the workforce?  Explain

3.    We have talked a great deal about how leaders need to motivate their subordinates.  How would Rogers’ ideas on motivation and goals apply to the work environment?

4.    Discuss Rogers’ concept of psychotherapy and how it is applied to today’s environment.  Explain using a work example if possible.

5.    How do you relate anxiety and existentialism?  Explain

6.    What is existentialism and how does it apply to today’s environment.  Explain

7.    There is some interesting points on Maslow’s work and its application to today’s world.  Pick out one or two main concepts and after explaining the concept – explain how it might apply in your environment.

8.    After reading the article – pick out one main concept and explain it to the class.   How does it apply to in today’s world?

9.    We often hear about Ted Talks and the amazing information that is discussed.  This video is really interesting and discusses the concept of happiness.  Do you agree with the main premise?  Explain.

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