Short Paper “Interactions” To prepare for this assignment, review the 3-Part Pow

Short Paper “Interactions”
To prepare for this assignment, review the 3-Part PowerPoint, Interactions are Key. (Links are given below.)
Using the information from your text, related readings, and the PowerPoints, Interactions are Key, write a response that addresses the
following on the Short Paper Template provided:
Part I: Describe the roles that warm, personal relationships and supportive interactions play in children’s development and learning.
Part II: Create an argument for this scenario:  A teacher works in a program where the staff are discouraged from “coddling” children.  In this program, the Director has discussed the need to “maintain a professional distance and reminded the staff that children are, first of all, students.  The teacher’s job, she reminds them, is not to coddle but is instead, to teach, ensuring that children are prepared for “big school.”  What evidence can you find to support the argument that warm, responsive relationships and emotional support are necessary conditions for young children’s development and learning?  How does the emotional climate affect children’s development? What specific teacher behaviors are indicators that a warm, responsive emotional climate exists?  How do the quality, type, and frequency of interactions affect children’s development? (NAEYC Standard 4a)
Part III: Summarize your position on supportive, powerful interactions.
Download and save the “Template for the Short Paper” attachment to your computer. Complete the assignment and submit.
Template for short paper.docx
Interactions PPT Part 1 _3_.pptx
Interactions PPT Part 2.pptx
Interactions PPT Part 3.pptx

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