Should African-Americans be compensated today for slavery?

PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING!!!Assignment: Ongoing discussion/reflection base on Defending Slavery and the concept of Compensatory Justice. Note: You do not have to write three-paragraphs!!! Small, short, quick sentences conveying your point will suffice! Oh by the way, students must enjoy the dialogue!!!.The objective for this ongoing discussion board is for students to reflect on Paul Finkelman’s book, Defending Slavery. As the semester progresses, and you complete part or all of the book, then please feel free to reflect, analyze, or opine on any point made by the author and/or a classmate’s postings that relate to the following issue: Should African-Americans be compensated today for slavery? To restate the issue: Today, in 2018, does America owe “anything” to the descents of slaves? .At first glance the above issue may seem simplistic. After careful reading and reflection, however, I am confident that you will appreciate the profound considerations of this dilemma. In light of the sensitive nature of this issue, I am confident that everyone will maintain the proper professional/academic demeanor when discussing it…enjoy the dialogue! Also, please note that all students will submit a critical analysis based Defending Slavery. Please see below and the Book Critique button for further instructions..Students will receive points for each substantive reflection posted up to the maximum of +20 points. Merely posting a superficial comment willsecure you any points. Your posting must be clear, thoughtful, and reveal a “deep-seeded” appreciation for the reading and or a classmate’s point. Again, this assignment is to ensure a continuous dialogue between students. Let me stress the following point: This assignment is “student driven” and, yes, I will “chime” in when appropriate….enjoy the dialogue!

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