should the minimum wage be raised in the US?

Please realize your draft should not be your first version of the essay. It should be edited and proofread to the best of your ability; this includes a spell check. Additionally, your sources should be correctly cited using APA style and you should include a working list of References. (By “working” list of References, I mean that it’s understood that sources will be added to and removed from your References list as you complete your paper.)

Written Argument Draft

Requirements for Your Paper

Your draft argument should be at least 4 to 5 pages long, not including your References page or visual components.

See the Research Paper Rubric for specific grading criteria.

This draft should include the following elements. :

Title Page, APA style
Abstract (optional)
Table of Contents (optional)
Introduction containing a clear thesis statement
Content: argument and its supporting evidence from a variety of resources (as built in your research library) Information should be cited using APA format, in-text citations.
Visuals (minimum of 2)
References page – APA format (pull the data from your research library)

My topic is should the minimum wage be raised in the US?

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