Signature Assignment: Versioning and Maintenance Plan

Iterative testing is an essential element of Agile. This requires tracking the changes made and making sure all members of the team have the correct version of the program. 


QA in systems development is a set of processes that ensure the delivered systems meet the pre-defined expectations. (Remember QA is not testing.) Software configuration management consists of a set of tasks that track and control changes to the environment. Configuration management includes software source version control.


The director of software engineering has noted that some members of the team are not following the company’s QA and version plan and has asked you to present the importance of the plan to the team and your intern (from Week 3).


Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation containing 10 to 12 slides, including an introduction and conclusion slide and detailed speaker notes, that includes the following:

  1. Explain what quality assurance is, and identify at least 2 processes with the justification that will improve program quality.
  2. Analyze the process (steps) of releasing a new version of the program, and explain why it is necessary.
  3. Examine what versioning is and why it is necessary.
  4. Explain what software maintenance is, and identify the activities that are part of program maintenance.


Note: Discuss the topics in the order listed in the question. Clearly identify each topic and then provide your answers below.


Cite all sources using APA guidelines.




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