Since the beginning of Apartheid in 1948, how has the historical and political c

Since the beginning of Apartheid in 1948, how has the historical and political context of South Africa affected the art scene there? (make sure to reference to the Attached document to get a better idea of what this assignment should be written about) 
Intro and conclusion should not exceed more than 3 sentences each.Intro has to be clear about specific points to follow in the paper(thesis).All paragraph should relate to the relevant essay topic(only focus on the topic).
I want the essay in a simple English format. No need to use complicated wording ( Since English is my second language). Please focus on answering the essay question.
The essay cannot exceed two pages (double-spaced, one-inch margins, font size 10 or 12).  Please take the time to organize your thoughts in a logical manner and cite evidence to support your analysis. In order to cite specific information or use direct quotations, use parenthesis. There should be a few, i.e., five to six minimum, such citations, from different web sources, in the body of each paper. Your introduction paragraph should not be longer than three lines and must clearly answer the essay assignment question. In other words, your introduction paragraph should establish the specific thesis points that will follow in your paper (make sure that you answer the question)
(make sure that  intro (thesis) answers the specific assignment question.  Make sure that your first (short) paragraph establishes that thesis answer. 

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