(Social Work) Assessment and Implementation Paper

It will require that you conduct a literature search and find three journal articles that discuss practice with individuals with the problems you are assessing. Think of a person or family whom you consider may need the services of a social worker and conduct an assessment of that person or family without utilizing any identifiable information. We will refer to this individual or family as “the client”. Your assessment has to be followed by an implementation plan. Follow this outline to conduct your assessment 1. Client Description (demographics, ethnicity, race, spiritual orientation, immigration status, etc. NO IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION) (5 points) 2. Client-in-situation (presenting concern or problem) (20 points) (use your theoretical knowledge) a. What is/are the concern(s) /problem(s) (identify up to three problems), b. Who is affected by the problem(s)/concern(s)? c. In which ways? d. What are the risks if the problem(s) are not addressed? 3. Your impressions/analysis of the situation (20 points) a. How did the problem originate? b. What aspects of the ‘client’s’ history, lifestyle and events led to this/these concern(s)/problem(s) c. What individual, family and environmental factors are maintaining the concern(s)/problem(s) d. What individual and family strengths and environmental (community) resources are available to help the client with the concern(s)/problem(s)? e. Does the person present symptoms of a disorder according to DSM V diagnoses? Explain your answer f. Translate each concern/problem into needs. What are the needs of this person? 4. Propose a preliminary Service Plan (support with literature). (25 points) a. Conduct a literature search and find three journal articles that discuss practice with individuals with the problem(s) you are assessing. b. Based on the assessment conducted (sections 1-3) so far and what you found on your three journal articles: i. Identify three goals that you would propose to the client to help him or her with the presenting concern(s) or problem(s). We are going to assume that this is a voluntary client who is motivated to change and to work with you the social worker. ii. For each goal, identify two objectives that you would suggest to reaching the goal iii. Discuss: Which one intervention for each objective would you use or implement? How could such intervention help achieve the objective? How do you know it would be effective? By intervention the text means helping tasks, activities, techniques you (the social worker) would use. To justify the potential effectiveness of an intervention, you need to provide evidence, therefore, you need to make reference to the literature. In other words, your proposed interventions must be based on what you read in the literature that are evidence supported interventions. Paper should be in APA format and minimum of 10 pages long (excluding cover and reference pages). In writing this paper you must demonstrate knowledge of content from the textbook. Use learned concepts and principles discussed in class throughout your assessment.

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