Sociocultural forces

Essay: In a 6-10 sentence essay, identify a company (i.e. not Chipotle, Walmart or Under Armour) that has successfully taken advantage of sociocultural forces (see below) in delivering a product or service to its customers and explain why or how it achieved success.


WholeFood would be a company to write about for this essay.

Sociocultural forces

Sociocultural forces include the societal values, attitudes, cultural influences, and lifestyles that impact demand for particular goods and services, as well as demographic factors such as the population size, growth rate, and age distribution. Sociocultural forces vary by locale and change over time. An example is the trend toward healthier lifestyles, which can shift spending toward exercise equipment and health clubs and away from alcohol and snack foods. Population demographics can have large implications for industries such as health care, where costs and service needs vary with demographic factors such as age and income distribution.

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