Sociological theory

What is the most important sociological perspective(s) for understanding health, illness and disability as social phenomena

and why? Answer with reference to one or more health conditions.

In the introduction be sure to state what perspective(s) you will be applying, what specific health conditions/illnesses you

will be examining, and what your central contention will be. Be sure to make an argument of some kind.
Examples of theoretical perspectives include: human ecology, neo-Marxism, postmodernism.
You are not to undertake any data collection (like making notes on social interaction or interviewing people) on actual

interactions observed, as we do not have ethics clearance to conduct field research as part of this unit.

The marking guide used by your tutor can be found here.
Make sure you have a clear introduction, body, conclusion and reference section.
There is a minimum of seven academic references expected for this assignment. Use the Chicago style for referencing

( Any websites, newspaper articles and DVDs are to be counted as

additional references. Make sure that page numbers are included for any specific ideas/materials cited (not just for

Keep within 10% of the word limit. Note that word count does not include references.
The assignment needs to be submitted electronically through Turnitin. Do not include a cover sheet.
The file format must be doc, docx or rtf. Do not submit your assignment as pdf. So your work doesn’t get mixed up with

others, use a filename which follows the convention: Your name, unit code and assessment type. e.g.


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