Socw 6202 week 6 – discussion: impact of codependency on addiction | SOCW 6202 – Treatment of Addictions | Walden University

Discussion: Impact of Codependency on Addiction Recovery
Four simple questions may help to assess codependent behavior: 1) Am I trying to rescue the person from painful consequences? 2) Am I trying to fix someone? 3) Do I see my fixing as crucial to saving his or her life? 4) Am I feeling resentment? A “yes” answer to one or more of these questions indicates possible codependent behavior.
Codependency is not limited to family and friends of the person with problems with addiction. In your work in this field, you must continually ask yourself these four codependent questions to guard against having your well-intentioned helping hinder both the recovery of the person with problems with addiction and your role as a helping professional.
Provide a 300-word discussion Post detailing:
– Two examples of ways that family members might demonstrate codependent behavior with a client with problems with addiction. 
– Explain how such behavior might impact addiction recovery. 
– Provide one strategy for addressing these codependent behaviors. 
Support your response using the resources from the following providing at least 3 references and citations.



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