Solar Energy using Solar Panel

We are putting together a proposal We are a company specialized in manufacturing down hole tools for the oil & gas industry. We are looking at diversifying our portfolio by getting into solar energy. Our main aim is to become one of the main contractors for installation of solar panels in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. Key point is that the UAE has one of the highest solar exposures rates in the world giving it tremendous potential. Further, the UAE is the largest and fastest growing solar market in the GCC. Should  be presented in a form of a power point presentation in which you highlight 1) The market demand 2) The competition 3) Viability 4) Governmental Incentives for installing solar panels and reducing carbon footprint ( Such as low interest loans, Government subsidize, Selling your excess electricity to the grid, etc..) 5) Upcoming projects in UAE and the rest of GCC (Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain etc..) Also, please make sure to use legit sources and provide the list of all your sources

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