Solution-Determining the ocean systems

Ocean Systems

According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change from one form to another

1. A boy doing a cannonball into the pool. He went from potential to kinetic energy, where did his kinetic energy go?

2. A plant appears green because of the energy from green wavelengths. What is happening to the green wavelength? Am I a Closed Systems or Open Systems?

3. A living organism (Closed or Open)

4. A chemical reaction within an organism (Closed or Open)

5. A net to keep Shamu away from Flipper (Closed or Open)

Is this a benefit/characteristic of a Closed System or and Open System?

6. Does not allow rain to enter. (Closed or Open)

7. Lowers risk of disease. (Closed or Open)

8. Energy is free to move in and out but matter is not. (Closed or Open)

9. Aquaculture allows water to move freely through a net. (Closed or Open)

10. Matter and energy is free to move in and out. (Closed or Open)

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