Solution-Estuaries and life cycle of pfiesteria

1) a)Explain why are estuaries, like the Pamlico Estuary, so significant? How would you be able to measure from where the nutrient influx comes? Could you prove this? High levels of the nutrients moving into the estuary have been linked to Pfiesteria outbreaks.

b) Explain the nutrient sources might contribute to this problem? You must be able to list various potential nutrient sources. How could this agency control all nutrient influx (e.g. suburban runoff)?

2) Summarize the two different camps of the thought on life cycle of Pfiesteria. Specify the set of arguments do you find more appealing? Justify your answer. What will scientists required to do before they may develop a test for sampling the water for the toxin?

Write your response in 1200 words count and include references in end.

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