Solution-How many genes do we have written into our dna

• Ted Ed: What’s wrong with our food system- Birke Baehr

1. What are some suggestions Birke offers on how you can help improve our food purchasing and eating habits?

• TedEd: What’s wrong with what we eat- Mark Bittman

1. After the production of energy from fossil fuels, what is the second highest producer of greenhouse gases?

2. Nutritional experts say that eating 1/2 lb of meat a week is healthy but the average American eats 1/2 lb a day. How does this lead to micro-nutrient malnutrition?

• How a single-celled organism almost wiped out life on Earth

1. Oxygenic photosynthesis at first caused a mass extinction, but also allowed complex life on Earth to develop. In what ways does free oxygen allow complex life?

2. Cyanobacteria are simple unicellular life forms. What does this mean?

3. The composition of the Earth’s atmosphere has changed throughout the Earth’s history. How does the composition of the atmosphere affect Earth’s climate?

4. In the Dig Deeper section of this TedEd there is much more information on cyanobacteria. Use this information to write a paragraph explaining how cyanobacteria are involved in algae blooms and dead zones.

• TedEd 18 things you should know about genetics to post a snip it image of your completed DNA we share with other animals circle from the Dig Deeper section.)

1. What makes you, you Where do these instructions come from? What are they stored in?

2. What are the 4 main chemicals or nucleotide bases of DNA.

3. How many base pairs are in the human genome?

• TedEd on DNA Damage and Repair-

1. How can can errors in, or damage to your DNA (f not repaired) cause premature aging?

2. Why are some DNA mutations beneficial?

3. Defects in DNA repair are associated with many kinds of cancer. Cancer is when a cell loses control of its replication. How can a mistake in DNA cause cancer?

• TedEd- Astonishing Molecular Machines-

1. How many genes do we have written into our DNA?

2. DNA Helicase is the blue donut shaped protein that does what?

3. Because DNA is antiparellel one strand must be copied backwards. As DNA polymerase creates loops of DNA and copies these sections called okazaki fragments. A specific molecular machine or enzyme called DNA ligase joins these fragmented sections of DNA together to a complete strand of DNA? Google to find they type of bond DNA ligase catalyzes. DNA is only about 2 nanometers thick, but DNA is about 30 to 40 million nanometers long. How long is DNA in centimeters?

4. DNA is only about 2 nanometers thick, but DNA is about 30 to 40 million nanometers long. How long is DNA in centimeters?

5. To keep the DNA organized and regulate access to the genetic code DNA is wrapped around what purple colored proteins?

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