Solution-Importance of alignment of individual

This unit introduces you to the importance of alignment of individual, job, and organizational needs analyses. While many organizations have created and delivered exciting training programs, unless the programs are aligned to the organizations’ strategic goals the impact on the business results will be minimal.

On the other hand just because a training program may be properly aligned with the strategic plan, it may not be designed and/or delivered well, thus making the training ineffective.

Based on this unit’s materials, please discuss training professionals know whether their organizations’ performance issues can be aIDressed by training? What resources are available to help ensure that training delivered fills a training gap?  If you have examples from your work environment, please share your experiences.

Describe a training event in which you participated in at work or a community organization.  Were adult learning principles utilized?   If yes, how did the use of these principles contribute to the success of the training?  If adult learning principles were not used, how might the training have been improved by them?

If you have not participated in a training event, then describe how the adult learning principles might be applied to a training for Advanced Microsoft Office (hint: what prior knowledge would students need, etc.?).  

In response to your classmates, provide feedback about whether you agree or came up with different ideas.

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