Solution-Physical disabilities heath impairments and adhd


• How might the effects of an acute health condition on a student’s classroom participation and educational progress differ from those of a chronic condition?

• Why is the prevalence of chronic medical conditions in children much higher than the number of students receiving special education under the disability categories of orthopedic impairments and other health impairments?

• What does a classroom teacher need to know about physical disabilities and health impairments in children?

• Why do you think attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not included as a separate disability category in IDEA?

• How might the visibility of a physical disability or health impairment affect a child’s self-perception, social development, and level of independence across different environments?

• What are some of the problems that members of transdisciplinary teams for students with physical disabilities and multiple health needs must guard against?

• Of the many ways that the physical environment, social environment, and instruction can be modified to support the inclusion of students with physical disabilities, health impairments, and ADHD, which are most important?

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