Solution-Problem about inappropriate use of prescription

Medication errors, drug safety, and inappropriate use of prescription medications remain important public health concerns. Discuss the impact of these issues on public health. Some things you may consider as you discuss this topic: Who should bear the primary responsibility for preventing medication errors, unsafe drugs, or prescription drug abuse? How might public health training for medical students, nurses, and pharmacy students reduce or mitigate these issues? How might a basic understanding of biochemistry and genetics help in prevention or control of these issues? What data is available to track medication errors, drug safety, or prescription drug abuse, and do you think it is currently sufficient to base public health policy and action on? If not, what improvements would you make? How might you, as a public health professional, use pharmacogenetic/pharmacogenomic information?

Submit 3-5 page paper.

  • Answer each questions and Validate your assertions with references to credible sources so that your peers can check and read the source(s) for themselves. This also demonstrates your critical thinking about the topics.

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