Solution-Special education for gifted and talented students


• How has the dynamic and evolving definition of giftedness changed the ways in which students are identified and served?

• Why do students who are very capable need special education?

• What provisions should and can be made to accurately identify students who are from racially, culturally, and economically different groups or who have disabilities?

• How can general education classroom teachers provide curriculum and instruction at the pace, breadth, and depth needed by gifted and talented students, while meeting the needs of other students in the classroom?

• What are some strategies for differentiating curriculum for gifted and talented learners through acceleration and enrichment?

• Should gifted students be educated with their same-age peers (in general education classes) or in heterogeneous groups of students who share similar intellectual and academic talents and interests?

• Should special education for gifted and talented students be required by federal law, as it is for students with disabilities?

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