Solution-The shifting engines of medicalization

The Shifting Engines of Medicalization. (Peter Conrad)        

  • Brown Ch. 17. The Social Organization of Illness (Eliot Freidson)
  • Brown Ch. 11. Pathways to the Doctor-From Person to Patient (Irving Kenneth Zola)
  • Brown Ch. 12. The Genesis of Chronic Illness: Narrative Reconstruction (Gareth Williams)
  • Brown Ch. 19. Concepts of Trust among Patients with Serious Illness (David Mechanic and Sharon Meyer)

For each unit, drop box a 2 page reaction paper based on 2 or more readings from the unit.  The response will include (1) a statement of which specific topic you are focusing your attention on in this reaction, (2) a summary of the main related points made in the readings on the topic, including a brief description of the evidence and findings the authors use, and (3) your own thoughts on the topic and how you think this applies or might apply to your life in the future.

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