Solution-What are the three major groups into which mammals


1. What are the typical features of mammals?

2. What are the three major groups into which mammals are divided?

3. Do all mammals have a placenta?

4. What are the major orders of placental mammals? What are a few representative species and distinguishing features of each of those orders?

5. How is gas exchange done in mammals?

6. How is circulation characterized in mammals?

7. What is the kind of nitrogen waste that mammals eliminate?

8. How do placental mammals reproduce?

9. Is fecundation in mammals external or internal?

10. Is the mammalian embryonic development indirect or direct?

11. Are there aquatic and flying mammals?

12. Are the limbs modified into wings of bats and the wings of birds instance of evolutionary homology or analogy? What about whale finscompared to fish fins?

13. Mammal identity card. How are mammals characterized according to examples of representing beings, skin, respiration, nitrogen waste, basic morphology, circulation, thermal control and types of reproduction? 


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Mammals of the monotreme group (platypus, echidnas) are oviparous egg- laying and they don’t have a placenta. Artiodactyls mammals with an even number of fingers in claws or paws like cows, sheep, and giraffes. Carnivorous predators with canine teeth like dogs, lions, tigers.

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