Solution-What is the role of the hormone leptin in the body

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Title: A closer look at the nerves that slim down your fat cells

Author: Sarah C. P. Williams

Published: September 24, 2015 on Science

After reading the article, please answer the following questions. Note that each question is worth three points. To earn full credit you need to write your answers in complete sentences. Upload the completed assignment to CampusWeb by the due date.


1. In five sentences, summarize the article.
2. How do fat cells release their stores of energy? (Hint: What tells the cells to release their fat?)
3. What is the role of the hormone leptin in the body?
4. What do the researcher’s believe they can do if they find ‘drugs’ that they can use to activate the neurons in patients?
5. Are they any ‘drugs’ or ‘medications’ on the market, which are FDA approved, that can be used to treat obesity?

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