Solution-What processes ensure that vesicles released only

Synaptic vesicles are released at the synaptic cleft in response to action potentials arriving at the nerve terminal


a) What processes ensure that vesicles are released only at the synapse,and not elsewhere?

b)Give two mechanisms that allow the nerve cell to recover from the effects of the action potentials and neurotransmitter release.Say how the mechanisms cause the cell to recover.

I know and understand the whole process But I am not sure what the question wants me to say. I believe that one point is I should say that vesicles are coated by proteins that aIDress them to the target. I don’t know if I should mention the process of membrane recognition, tethering, docking and membrane fusion. I don’t know if I should mention Ca 2+ is released (i.e. if it has anything to do with what the question is asking). I am getting confused because I am spending too much time trying to answer such a simple question.

The answer to a) and b) should be about 4 sentences for each.

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