Some military experts and politicians

Question essay:
2) Some military experts and politicians have suggested that the ”War on Terror” will be forever and that we must be in a state of war forever. Some are critical of this approach and worry about America getting involved in an endless series of wars around the globe that are marketed as ”wars of liberation” or wars to fight terrorism, when there may be ulterior motives behind these campaigns. What do you think about this issue?


The response to follow the FACT/EVIDENCE, ANALYSIS/OPINION, QUESTION model (see below) that includes 1) a factual response to the question with a direct quote and proper citation, 2) analysis of the factual information with citations if needed and opinions reflecting on the topic, and 3) one question that you have about the topic or one question you would like to ask the class that is connected to the topic AND one question that is for your professor.

All sources must be cited in the forum post. Since we cannot insert footnotes on the forums, simply include a number in parenthesis and then list the bibliographic information at the bottom of your post (see example below.) You can also choose to include an MLA parenthetical citation with the author’s last name and page number at the end of a sentence in which source information appears. Do not utilize MLA and footnotes; please choose one citation method or the other. You still have to include the bibliography listing at the bottom of the post. Here is an example:

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