sophisticated form of law

Take some time now to perform keyword searches of the following terms. Be prepared to discuss these terms in class. Socrates Mantic Nomos Apodictic Justice in exchangeHomework help..Law of obligations Constitutive view of law Moralism Plato Sophic Cosmology Distributive justice Law of inheritance Themis Equity and Fairness Aristotle PhysesDialectical Corrective justice Law of things Instrumentalism PositivismIntroductionHomework help..In Chapter One we looked at how clans developed and how that by the 17th century B.C.E. a sophisticated form of law and order was in place in Babylon under thecapable leadership of Hammurabi. It appears that law and order were not ideas well-formed in the minds of primitive Homo sapiens. These principles had to be learnedthen taught thenHomework help..

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