Special Education Masters Project

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A Masters of Special Education Masters Project course is being offered here. Please read the “written project paper template” word document that has been posted for more information about how to finish the first two parts (1. Introduction; Statement of the Problem). 2. Literature Review; Synthesis of Literature Findings That Inform the Research; Introduction to the Literature Review; and Literature Review Chart of Findings) of this Masters Project Assignment.

This master’s project assignment serves as the “capstone” of the program and calls for the student to use a scholarly approach to solve a practical issue involving high-incidence disabilities, educational initiatives that support students with high-incidence disabilities and their families, or special education procedures.

What I have covered in my master’s project discussion:

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Problem Finding ways to include parents will help them feel like they have something to offer and will provide them the tools they need to satisfy their children’s needs, even those outside of the classroom. locating resources at the local, state, and federal levels and matching them to parent requirements.

Research a conceptual framework for considering the contributions and needs of families, Resources (we talked about peer pals, respite, and socializing through sports, clubs, roller skating, and neighborhood movie evenings for kids with severe impairments, as well as involvement in church and other community activities).

Guide to Product Resources.

Field-test With a family, give it a try.

Interview/matching evaluation method, survey, and resource manual by others.

I hope that this aids in your beginning. I just want to urge you to be careful with your terminology and how you frame the issue to avoid criticizing or blaming parents.

As well as four reading chapters to assist you get started on the appropriate research, I will also share additional resources with research paper examples to give you a better understanding of what I wrote above.

Expected Results:

Determine a practice issue that exists in the area of high-incidence disability.

To comprehend the practice problem that has been discovered, consult the relevant literature.

Write a review of the literature in a certain field.



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