Your replacement impromptu speech assignment consists of the following assignment: You are to choose one of the speeches from the list found here ,
http://www.historyplace.com/speeches/previous.htm , once you have selected your speech you are to write a 10 page response to the speech.
Your response is to follow the prompts below in order to earn a possible A for the assignment:
1- 15 individual source citations in MLA format-This means that you must find 15 different sources for your response to the speech. Each soutce must be properly cited within a works cited page in MLA format. Each source should also be parenthetically cited within your work. 5 of these sources are to come from academic journals, you can find out how to access aur campuses research databases at the library. This works cited page does not count towards your papers overall page length. Your paper is to consist of 10 written pages, a title page, and your works cited page.
2- Your speech response needs to include the following information: Cultural, social, and political valuations of the time period in which the speech was given. Explain Key figures in the time when the speech was given and their role in the creation, exposition, or receiving of the speech.
3- Your speech must be written in the third person, this is a research paper not an opinion paper. Your responses should be backed up with verifiable sources that shape your reasoning. You are to leave your opinions at home for this assignment.
4-You are expected to place yourself in the role of the scientific observer when it comes to writing your responses for the speech. You are to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the speech based upon reactions of people from the time when the speech was given. This means you will have to research beyond the cursory google search. (This portion of the assignment is designed to help you understand the effectiveness of Rhetorical Performances on the public and the reasoning behind why such actions are important.)
5-Your assignment is to follow the traditional research paper construction. You should have an easy to identify thesis statement, an easy to identify argument you are making, clear paragraph structure, proper grammatical construction, and proper spelling. 6- Your paper should be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font and double spaced. You are to have a proper MLA title page for your paper, which does not count towards your assignments over all page length.

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