Sports Management M5-3

Task 1.
Refer to Reading #4(ATTACHED BELOW) – NASCAR Marketing 101. Note that NASCAR conducts a lot of marketing research to communicate their value to prospective business partners (including sponsors). Identify at least 5 research findings contained in the NASCAR document. For each research finding, describe the finding and discuss why the NASCAR would have wanted to present the info to their partners (e.g., sponsors).

See below an example.

Research Finding #1:

Page 22 – NASCAR fans embrace sponsorship
This research shows NASCAR fans hold positive attitudes toward NASCAR sponsorship and sponsors. 91 percent of NASCAR fans surveyed believed that NASCAR drivers would not be able to run their cars without sponsors’ support. 90 percent of them believed that NASCAR would need corporate sponsors. 75 percent of the fans stated they were aware of the sponsors of NASCAR and NASCAR drivers.

Reasons for presenting / communicating Finding #1

NASCAR wants to convince its current and prospective sponsors that NASCAR fans do recognize, appreciate NASCAR’s corporate sponsors and are most likely to return their favors (by buying NASCAR sponsors’ products and services).

Task 2.

Carefully review your own M4 Sponsorship Proposa(ATTACHED BELOW) Try to answer the following questions.

What sponsorship benefits did you emphasize in your proposal? That is, what were the key benefits you promised to deliver to your client? Then discuss how you can measure the effects of the sponsorship, particularly in terms of the promised benefits. What research methods will you use? How can you tell whether there was an effect or not? Research designs/methods you may employ include Media Equivalency, Questionnaire Surveys, Face-to-Face or phone Interviews, Focus Groups, Document Analysis, observation, ethnographic research, case study research, etc. (you might refer to a book or an article on research methods).

Offer detail on your research plan. Discuss your research purpose, designs/methods, representative sample (or research participants), research instrument (survey questionnaire, interview scripts, etc.) and data analysis methods.


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